About Pickwhip Studio

At Pickwhip Studio, our goal is to create the most stunning visuals for broadcast, web and interactive media. As a team, we specialize in design, animation and live production where we are able to flawlessly execute from beginning to end.

Our philosophy is creativity; creativity begins with your ideas. We are here to help bring those ideas to life.

Meet the Team



Scott has over 11 years experience working in the animation industry. Since graduating from college, he has worked for several top production shops throughout Chicago such as Leviathan, Optimus, Lift and Leo Burnett Greenhouse. He has worked on several award-winning projects while working with some of the biggest brands. Born and raised a Chicagoan, his passion for the Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears comes second to his passion for cheese fries and, of course, animation.
Jason Paul Noir


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Companies We Love Working With